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Dasshen, to cut a dash, dashing

Dashing \Dash"ing\, a. Bold; spirited; showy; stylish and attractive; a splendidly dashing character.

The dashing and daring spirit is preferable to the listless. --T. Campbell.


Dasshen Jewelry

Inspired by flea markets and antique shops in different cities, Dasshen is about taking on forms, textures and materials and playing around with them.

The most unusual objects can trigger ideas for a collection, such as a vintage tractor seat found at a farm in Upstate New York or a 1940’s portable heater discovered in a second hand store in Barcelona’s old quarter.

Dasshen is also about elegance and style, always looking at enhancing the natural sensuality of the body. For example, most Dasshen necklaces have a unique closure, highlighting the beauty of a woman’s neck.

Aiming for a timeless feel to the pieces, handcrafted with much care and attention to quality, Dasshen tries to never lose that playful touch.